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Hail & Storm Damage Inspections

roof inspection hail damageWhen should I have my home inspected for hail & storm damage?

You should have your roof and siding inspected for hail damage if you are hit by a storm with strong winds and/or large hail. Generally speaking hail needs to be 1 Inch in diameter to damage lightweight composite shingles and 1¼ inches in diameter to damage composite shingles or wood shake shingles. That is roughly the size of a golf ball.

Some indications that you should have your home inspected for hail damage are . . .

  • Your car was dented from hail stones while sitting at your property.
  • Your neighbors have had an inspection and found hail damage to their home.
  • You see large hail stones on the ground outside of your home after a storm.
  • Your siding is dented, cracked or otherwise damaged.
  • You have any other reason to suspect hail damage to your roof or home's exterior.
  • You see that your roof is missing shingles.

It is best to have your roof and siding inspected immediately after the storm damage has occurred. However, if you suspect your roof or siding has storm damage from past storms, and has not been repaired or replaced, you should have your home inspected. Damage from storms may not be visible from the ground and may not cause issues for many years. Repairs should be made before any further damage to your roof and interior living space develops.

Just what is hail damage?

When large hail falls onto your roof or siding something has to give, either the hail will break or your roofing and siding material will. If you are a gambler, you will want to put your money on the roofing and siding material being damaged. When roofing and siding material is damaged by hail the integrity of your home has been compromised. This means that rain may be able to enter your home through the affected areas causing damage to your attic and interior living spaces.

There are three major signs of hail damage to your home.

  1. Missing Pieces Hail can actually break pieces of roofing and siding material off of your home.
  2. Bruising or Denting Dents from hail are not always very noticeable on your roof. Pressing on a small dimple created from a hail stone and finding that it has some give to it indicates that deterioration has begun. The integrity of your roof has been compromised. Metal siding will not bruise, but denting will be obvious.
  3. Cracking Large hail can make a circular crack in roofing and cause sever cracks in in vinyl siding.

Don't forget about other storm damage.

People often focus on hail damages after storms, but don't forget about damage caused by strong wind and flying debris. Your siding, windows and roof are all vulnerable to damage as wind-blown debris hits your home. The wind alone can rip shingles and siding from your house.

What does the inspection do?

The inspection documents the damage for your insurance company. Each company will have a set standard of what they consider covered hail and storm damage. In order for you to collect money for repairs to fix problems caused by a storm you will need to prove that there is a legitimate claim. Your insurance company will have an adjuster that inspects your property for damage, but keep in mind they work for the insurance company. The vast majority of adjusters working out there are very reliable and honest people, but after a storm passes through an area the work load is enormous. Mistakes can be made, for this reason it is a good idea to have an independent inspection done by a reputable roofing & siding contractor such as Bear Roofing & Exteriors, Inc.

Your Bear Roofing & Exteriors, Inc. inspector will walk around and get up on the roof of your home to perform a close up inspection. Often hail and storm damage is not noticeable from a distance. We will inspect shingles, gutters, siding, down spouts and roof vent covers for damage.

If we determine that there is damage caused by the storm we will advise you on the severity of the damage and provide you with a free estimate for repairs. In the event we find no damage as a result of the storm but do find other damage or conditions that require attention we will report them to you as well.


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